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Our company’s philosophy is to make a change in energy supply, the company’s mission is to introduce clean, renewable and sustainable technologies.


With this guiding theme, Solar Tower Systems GmbH (STS) was established in 2009 to carry out solar tower plant technologies and to bring them into the market. STS is the brainchild and effort of four experienced and motivated practitioners of solar power. Between the founders we have more than 60 years of theoretical and practical experience in solar thermal, solar PV, concentrated solar power, power plant engineering as well as business and project management. 


In 2011, Solar Tower Technologies (STT) was founded as incorporation and acts as technology basis to STS and STI.  Through practical and theoretical research knowledge, STT possesses the required quality of research and engineering competence to offer high performance solar technology for solar tower plants.


Solar Tower India Pvt. Ltd. (STI) has been founded in spring 2012 to serve the Indian market. Industry experienced professionals with a broad solar background work with our customers on a competent and trustful basis for a longlasting successful relationship.




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