Heliostat Fields



Improved heliostat fields can bring additional advantages to solar tower plants.

STT offers a heliostat field system to reach the maximum output for its clients. We supply our own patent-pending heliostats and heliostat field technology which leads to significant savings. Quality aspects like solar reflectivity and environmental durability are commonly considered factors when comparing heliostat designs for solar tower plants. Compared to other heliostat fields, a solar tower plant with STT technology can be smaller while reaching the same performance.


Since about 30-50% of the investment for a solar tower plant accounts for the heliostat field, substantial heliostat field savings lead to significant cost reduction for the complete solar plant.


STT heliostat offering: Features of STT heliostat fields

  • Significant smaller heliostat field for similar peak performance compared to competitors’ heliostat fields
  • Specifically well suited for high solar concentration, essential for high temperatures
  • Low ground area requirement, up to 60% less ground area compared to conventional heliostat fields
  • Industrial control system
  • Installation and services

We provide detailed information on written request accompanied with project details at sales@solartowersystems.com



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