A heliostat has a mirror which can be adjusted by actuators. The purpose of the heliostat control system is to track the movement of the sun to reflect direct solar radiation onto a defined target. In a solar tower plant this target is the aperture or absorber of a receiver installed on top of the tower above the heliostat field.


The support structure of a heliostat typically consists of a foundation, a stand and a reflector frame holding the mirror and giving it the required shape. Heliostats are the most numerous element in any solar tower plant and the heliostat field is the most expensive system.


STS heliostat offering:


Features of STT heliostats

  • The STT heliostats are offered as an integral part of the STT heliostat fields
  • STT heliostats have a special design for STT patent pending heliostat field technology
  • The heliostats can be tailored to the customer's requirements and receiver's specifications
  • Suitable heliostats for small and large projects 

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