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STT is a technology company for the clean and sustainable power generation.


According to different market studies Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), the usage of solar energy for electricity is a rapidly expanding international market. STT with its highly efficient heliostat fields provides significant cost savings for CSP power plant operators and investors.


The increasing implementation of projects with major financial and industrial players demonstrate the economical and political willingness to invest massively into this market.



A profitable business with a long technology lever is an attractive value proposition for investors, i.e. investing in the sweet spot of the CSP market.



Advantages of STT Investments

  • STT already owns and continuously engineers new patent pending technology, products and designs.
  • Investors profit from this strategy: Our shareholders are invested in promising and lasting technology  with a rising future profit.
  • Low assets required in machinery and a long technology lever into the future targets the investment to the sweet spot of the renewable energy market.
  • The market for renewable energy is commonly seen as one of the essential key technology markets for the next decades.


USPs of an investments in STT

  • STT owns and develops patent pending technologies
  • Strong industrial partnerships pave the way towards large projects
  • Experienced management team in technology and business

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