++++ Press Release ++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Starnberg, November 10th, 2015


Sale of CSP tower technology package


Solar Tower Technologies (STT) offers a technology package for solar tower plants containing patents rights, know-how, design documents and specifications. It allows design and construction of innovative CSP solar tower plants based on own technologies.


The package includes:


·         Patent #1 on the design of a solar island (Priority number: DE20101034986) and related know-how.
Benefit: Increased efficiency of heliostat field.


·         Know-How related to Multi-Section Receiver for molten salt (excluding rights for Patent #2, Priority number: WO2012EP03519, which is public meanwhile).
Benefit: Increased efficiency of receiver.


·         8 m² and 17.3 m² STT-Heliostats: Design, manufacturing drawings, earlier design versions, related know-how and test & prototype hardware.
Benefit: Heliostat design for dense heliostat fields.


·         Heliostat Field Control System: Software, Source Code, Hardware Design, related know-how and test & prototype hardware.
Benefit: Control system for small and large heliostat fields.


·         Patent #3 on absorber modules for gas receivers.
Benefit: Technology which allows the design of scalable solar tower receivers for pressurised gas to operate with a gas turbine.



In case of interest in the offered technologies please contact STT by email to sales@stt.ag


For any questions, please contact Dr. Philipp Schramek via contact@stt.ag.




++++Press Release from Solar Tower Technologies AG - 1st Heliostat Field in Saudi Arabia commissioned ++++


Starnberg, April 7th, 2015 


Solar Tower Technologies (STT) announces the successful commissioning of the very first
heliostat field in Saudi Arabia. The heliostat field consisting of 66 heliostats, 8 m² reflector
area each, has been installed and successfully commissioned within 3 weeks at the solar
tower test site of the King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Prof. Dr. Hany Al-Ansary from King Saud University stated: “The heliostats from Solar Tower
Technologies show the high quality we expected to achieve the high level of concentration
required to achieve the targeted high temperatures of more than 700°C in our receiver. Both
the quality of the image and the precision of tracking even at high wind exceed the quality of
heliostats I have seen in other commercial installations.”
“The quality of the components and the robust design of the STT-heliostat has proven to be
the right approach for such an installation” adds Dr. Philipp Schramek, CTO of STT. “The
proprietary heliostat field control system based on a joint development with Bosch Rexroth
allows precise control and calibration of the heliostat field and is suitable for fields with
several thousands of heliostats“
Besides the 8 m² heliostat installed in Riyadh, STT offers as well a 17 m² heliostat for solar
tower plants in MW-range based on the same technology.
Both heliostat technologies and the heliostat field control system are available to interested
parties. For any questions or enquiries, please contact Dr. Philipp Schramek via






++++Press Release from Solar Tower Technologies - Patented CSP tower technologies for sale++++


Starnberg, January 9th, 2015


Solar Tower Technologies (STT) announces several bidding rounds offering technologies
for solar tower plants during Q1-2015. The bidding rounds on will cover technologies
related to the solar island design, receiver design, heliostat design, control system and
receivers for gas turbines.
In a first bidding round STT will offer the ownership of two patents, Patent #1 on the design
of a solar island and Patent #2 on a multi section receiver. Both patents have official positive
international reports on the patentability of all claims.
The application of the technologies covered by both patents allows for new options in the
design of solar tower plants which can lead to increased efficiency of the solar tower system
and reduction of required reflector and ground area.
Interested companies can request official documents for the first bidding round directly from
Solar Tower Technologies via sales@stt.ag and can provide a binding offer for exclusive or
non-exclusive ownership of the patents by latest, Monday, 26th January 2015, Solar Tower
Technologies AG.

For any questions, please contact Dr. Philipp Schramek via contact@stt.ag.








++++ Solar Tower Technologies (STT) presents on Solar Power International in
Las Vegas++++


Starnberg, October 16th, 2014


Solar Tower Technologies will be present at the Solar Power International in Las Vegas from October 21st until October 23rd 2014. STT has a stand at “German Pavilion” – South Hall, First Level, Hall S1, Stand 754-11.




++++Press Release from Fraunhofer ISE and STT - Efficient Solar Power through Industry Oriented Research+++


Freiburg, March 31st, 2014


english version:


german version:





++++++Video from Daily Planet Discovery Canada about our heliostat system in Rjukan+++++


Starnberg, January 21st, 2014

Rjukan mirrors from Brage Kvasbø on Vimeo.





For further press information please contact us per e-mail:pr@solartowersystems.com


++++ Solar Tower Systems GmbH (STS) illuminates a Norwegian community by sun mirrors ++++


Starnberg, October 29th, 2013


Attracted by very great interest in the international media, performance of an innovative mirror system will be launched in this last week of October in Rjukan (Norway). This mirror system supplies the community with reflected sunlight during the dark of winter time. With customized solar mirror technology (Heliostats) the technology company Solar Tower Systems GmbH provides cozy warmth and sunlight onto the main square of the community.


Residents of Rjukan, an industrial town in Norway, have grown accustomed to dark and gloomy winters. Shielded by the Gaustatoppen Mountains, the valley town is cut off from direct sunlight during five to six months of the year. Late last year Solar Tower Systems GmbH was commissioned by the municipality of Rjukan with the design, manufacture and installation of the so-calledMirror Projects Solspeil ". Thanks to these newly installed mirrors, however, Rjukan will receive sunlight for the first time in the town's more than 100-year history.


On a hillside about 500 meters above the town, an expert team of Solar Tower Systems with many years of experience in the field of solar thermal power plants, has-installed several heliostats being guided computerized to follow the course of the sun.  STS Project Manager Joachim Maass is enthusiastic: We are pleased that our company was selected for the planning and execution of this exciting project. The environmental conditions were very challenging and the design of the overall system is compared to our main business very specific.


Solar Tower Systems GmbH well- known amongst experts for its expertise on heliostat technology, which is usually used for solar thermal power plants in very sunny areas like Arabia, North Africa and Australia.




++++ Solar Tower Systems (STS) installs heliostat system in Rjukan - Norway ++++


Starnberg, July 31st, 2013


The town of Rjukan - Norway suffers from the lack of direct sunshine during the winter period due to the shadow Norway's second largest mountain creates. A heliostat system on the northern hill reflects solar radiation onto the market square. Solar Tower Systems GmbH (STS) has been contracted to carry out the design, manufacturing and installation of the heliostat system which will be commissioned in August 2013.


For more information Google News "Rjukan", "Solspeil", "Mirror" or

The mirror project: http://www.visitnorway.com/de/Product/?pid=30978

Video installation: http://www.nrk.no/video/bygger_solspeil_pa_rjukan/34E08E7B5318D3B9/




++++ Solar Tower Technologies (STT) presents on World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi ++++


Starnberg, January 10th, 2013


Solar Tower Technologies AG will be present at the World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi from January 15th until January 17th 2013. STT has a stand (PV 05) in the Project & Finance Village and is hosting two Round Table Discussions at table 3 at 12:00 and at 13:00 on Wednesday 16th January 2013.


Interested parties shall reserve an appointment with the CEO Joachim Maass or other staff by email: event@stt.ag




++++ Solar Tower Systems presents on CSP EMEA ++++


Starnberg, January 10th, 2013


Our CEO, Joachim Maass is going to present the latest developments in CSP technology on CSP EMEA conference on April, 17th and 18th 2013 in Seville, Spain.

For more information about the event visit http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/conferences/eu-esp2.asp.




++++STS continues to generate technological assets++++


Starnberg, September 2012


Recently a patent application, which covers the reduction of substantial heliostat field size received a successful official notice by the responsible patent offices.

Furthermore a global patent application to protect inventions in the range of receiver technology has been submitted recently. The receiver is the component in a solar tower plant which transfers concentrated solar radiation into a heat transfer medium.

Further patent applications are in preparation.




++++ Management update++++


Starnberg, September 2012


The STT/STS Management team will be complemented by a finance professional. Currently this person works as a Certified Public Accountant and tax advisor and is going to support the team in international controlling and finance management. He has followed the company and the CSP business sector for one year and has additionally decided for an equity investment in the STT Holding.




++++ STT' CEO joins Germany's Minister of Economy and Technology on delegation to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ++++


Starnberg, Mai 31st, 2012


The German Minister of Economy and Technology Dr. Philipp Rösler has selected Solar Tower Technologies' CEO Joachim Maass for joining him on a German delegation tour to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in June 2012. In Riyadh the delegation will meet with Saudi Arabian officials and leading industrial companies including the Saudi Arabian Minister of Finance.




++++ Solar Tower Systems management board presents on CSP EMEA ++++


Starnberg, January 17th, 2012


Our CEO, Joachim Maass and our CTO, Philipp Schramek are going to present the latest developments in CSP technology on CSP EMEA conference on April, 17th and 18th 2012 in Cairo, Egypt.

For more Information about the event visit http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/conferences/eu-esp1.asp or click here




++++ Roland Berger Strategy Consultants: Solar Tower Systems is part of top 30 cleantech companies ++++


Frankfurt and Duesseldorf, January, 2012


Solar Tower Systems GmbH has been chosen by the consulting company Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as one of top 30 new German cleantech companies. An article about the company has been published in the well-known German economic magazine "Wirtschaftswoche" on 9th January, 2012.



The URL to the webpage which states STS (in German):




The URL to the full article (in German):





++++ Solar Tower Systems and Bosch Rexroth make inroads into the CSP industry ++++


Starnberg, September 26th,  2011.


By establishing partnerships and creating specialised industry networks, smaller players are able to enter into the CSP industry and ramp-up a competitive technology.

In the past two years, giant energy companies such as Siemens, GE, Alstom Power and Areva have made giant strides towards success in CSP. Not only has this increased much needed cash flow to the industry but has furthered confidence in CSP for other investors such as banks.


But now it’s not just the big players making the big gains; new smaller entrants have found creative ways to ramp-up their technology. Such is the case of Solar Tower Systems (STS), a German CSP technology company developing products for solar tower plants including heliostat fields, receivers and storage, using the experience of the founder’s team which stretches back to the early days of CSP.


STS focus on their core strength, technology development, and collaborate with experienced industrial companies. With a strong history in the CSP space, Bosch Rexroth has recently partnered with STS for the joint development and commercialisation of heliostat systems.


Joachim Maass, CEO at STS, recently announced the exciting news that STS are developing a technology able to improve the heliostat field performance significantly which could lead to a significant investment saving for the heliostat field. For the company it is vital to keep investing in their R&D activities and to deliver cost-efficient products.


Since vertical integration is not always an option for smaller companies, Maass believes that creating specialised industry networks is an effective way to deliver a competitive technology whilst filling the gaps within the value chain.


Joachim Maass, will present the STS case study at CSP Today Sevilla (5th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit) on November 29-30.


For more information about the event visit www.csptoday.com/csp or contact Maria Slough at maria@csptoday.com or click here



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